A 12-week Online Program for Women Who Want to Awaken Their Heart's Purpose, Create Impact-Aligned Projects, Step into Feminine Leadership, and Live a Life They Love 

June 4 - August 20, 2018

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 "I need to share how amazing, transformative, and powerful this program has been in my life. My life and energy have completely changed. I couldn't be more thrilled and happy with this group. I am now a part of a community of amazing and passionate women who are finding their truth, living out what will make them the happiest, and also what is going to serve this world. I am so much more full of love, gratitude, and passion. This program will change your life."  

-Elise T.

We have a big vision to empower women around the globe to step into their leadership and contribution.

 More women standing in their greatness will create a world that is more loving, peaceful, and connected. We are all a part of this massive global shift, and the time is now. Our work here together will make a huge contribution.

In this 12-week virtual group, we will provide you with the tools and supportive community you need to step into authentic leadership, express your gifts, align with your purpose, and create projects that make a difference.

Are you ready to step into what you came here to do? The world needs your gifts more than ever.

We created the Hive WLP for women wanting to:

  • Fully awaken and live your Heart's purpose
  • Create an indivdual project that uplifts the world (a community project, a business, a non-profit)
  • Embody the new way of powerful feminine leadership 
  • Learn the Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • Access deeper intuitive abilities to support your projects
  • Align your career or business with your purpose
  • Connect with and be supported by a global community of female leaders 


"I would highly recommend this program to any woman who is craving an experience of working hard toward her purpose with the help and support from other women, to feel a sense of sisterhood and community, to shake up her world with new enriching routines and experiences, and to break away from all of the fears that are holding her back from what she deserves and desires."  

- Marina Q.

Program Curriculum

3- Month Online Curriculum Outline:

  • Week 1 (June 4): Supportive Foundational Systems for Vision Creation
  • Week 2 (June 11): Intuition / Blasting Through Fear / Overcoming adversity
  • Week 3 (June 18): Awakening Vision / Defining your Purpose Project
  • Week 4 (June 25): Self-Expression / Awakening your Power
  • Week 5 (July 2): Exploration / Market Research
  • Week 6 (July 9): Feminine Leadership & Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Week 7 (July 16): Developing Purpose Projects
  • Week 8 (July 23): Developing Purpose Projects Continued...
  • Week 9 (July 30): Awakening Our Voice & Group Gift Sharing
  • Week 10 (August 6): Preparation for Launching your Purpose Projects
  • Week 11 (August 13): Launching Community Purpose Projects
  • Week 12 (August 20): Celebrations & Goal Setting 

Program Structure

DATES: June 4, 2018 - August 20, 2018 (Next Session Dates: TBA)

TIME: 10:00am - 12:00pm PST/1pm-3pm EST / 5-7pm GMT: we will meet live virtually as a group every Monday via Zoom. Please check your current time zone to coordinate the meeting time in your local area.

GROUP SIZE: LIMITED to 25 women  

APPLICATION ONLY: This is a highly curated group of women and is through application only - click here to apply

EARLY-BIRD PRICING: 3 monthly payments of $395 (or one payment of $995). 

INFORMATION: Thank you for your interest in our community! Our team will review your application and respond within 5-7 days. Due to the high demand of this program and the volume of applicants, if selected please make sure to respond within 48 hours to hold your spot. 

The WLP includes:

  • 3 months of virtual live group meetings on Zoom
  • Group coaching & accountability 
  • Weekly videos and weekly assignments
  • Developing a purpose project for the community
  • Group pods
  • 24/7 Access to Facebook global community of female leaders and Slack group  

QUESTIONS? Please email us at hivewomen@hive.org 

"Amazing group. The energy was so pure, positive, and full of genuine love. The women there were so genuine that I will be coming back because the experience will stay with me for a long time. These women are so wonderful and want to help each other, it's truly amazing."  

- Lizz J.

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Facilitator Bio


 My name is Danielle Blum and I am the Facilitator for Hive's Women's Leadership Program as well as the Facilitator for Hive's Female Founders Mastermind, where I support the collaboration of female leaders making a positive change.

 I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of leaders step into their purpose by empowering them with the tools and community. I am passionate about human potential and how we can share and honor our unique gifts to benefit the collective. I have a vision of a globally unified world that is working together to solve humanities greatest challenges. I believe that every single human matters and that we can make a difference.

 I built a company called World Nativ. World Nativ is a community of entrepreneurs and leaders connecting minds and sharing knowledge. The World Nativ platform is an ecosystem that supports leaders through business and personal development training led by leading experts. World Nativ has had thousands of entrepreneurs move through their network, and have curated hundreds of experiences for personal and professional growth. 

My greatest joy is in supporting individuals in finding their purpose and then turning their purpose into projects that uplift humanity.  

I have traveled the world and lived in various countries including Spain, Thailand, and Cambodia.  

"This community is exactly what I've been missing in my life! Now is the time for women to come together and lift each other up. I love the way you've structured the meetings so we can all share and express ourselves without judgement. It was pure magic!” 

- Nina C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I miss a call? You can miss up to 2 calls of the 12 calls and stay in the program. We record all sessions. You will be able to get up to date with your group leader.

What are the requirements to complete this program? To be a graduate of this program you must complete the 12-week curriculum and have developed out your project. You will not be tested on the material. The results of the program is up to the commitment of each indivdual. The more you engage in the program, the more you will recieve from the experience. 

Can I do payment plan? Yes, payment plans are available. The early bird cost is $395/month for 3 months or one payment of $995. 

What if this program is not for me? We offer a 14-day money back guarantee/after the second call. Refunds will not be available 14 days after the program begins.

What is the purpose of this group? The purpose of this group is to support women in living their most fulfilling life and to support them in creating the postive mark that they are meant to create. 

What type of purpose projects can be created during the group? There are no limitations here and you can create whatever you dream. You will be supported and guided through a process as you create something meaningful to you and for the world. You will also be supported in envisioning what you want to create. 

Can I support this group? Graduates of the curriculum are able to apply as volunteer Group Leaders for future WLPs  


“I am eternally and infinitely grateful that this supportive course and community has been created - it has been a dream come true for me to learn from and be a part of such an inspiring group of passionate, wise women doing the work...Loving gratitude to all!”  

- Chalie S

"This a supportive community for ideas, creativity, and collaboration. Thirsty for more!"  

- Erinda M

“These female masterminds are absolutely off the chain! The level of synchronicity, collaboration, unconditional support, and energetic upliftment/leveraging is unlike any other group you've been to." 

- Danielle M

"Love the synergy of women coming together to support each other and share ideas. Once again, you impressed me with the greatness you are creating for others. Thank you."  

- Melanie K 

"The energy was extremely palpable. I believe that we can accomplish our wildest dreams with support and sisterhood of this magnitude."  

- Denise C

"Another amazing night vibrating on a whole other level with my ladies #whoruntheworld Can't wait for the next one!"  

- Christina S

“So potent. I am floating along in gratitude and overflow. And you coming into my life has been a blessing I remember every day. Just knowing I'm working with you and feeling so aligned is something that has up-leveled my confidence and reminded me what I'm capable of.”  

- Melanie R

"I did want to drop you a quick note to say what a catalyst the last Mastermind was for me and share a bit of good news. I am getting published by a huge health and wellness site this month, finished my eBook and have been substantially growing my audience over the past month and I don't think I would have had anywhere near as much momentum as I do without your mastermind! So thank you for that. It's pretty incredible what you're doing. I think the energy and the support I felt from the women I met with, as well as really amazing ideas, motivated me to get moving on things. Also, since what I'm doing is so new, just the encouragement I got that I'm moving in the right direction pushed me over the past month to continue on."  


"'This was so amazing! My heart is still on fire. I joined this group and never have I felt more of a connection to such a beautiful group of women, nor have I felt more guided by the universe in my entire life. If your mind is in a place of uncertainty, but your heart is filled with dreams, then I highly suggest taking a leap and joining Danielle on a journey that will open your heart and teach you how to follow your intuition on vibrating higher in life!"

- Emily W

"It was such a powerful and inspiring group of supportive women! Thank you, Danielle Blum, for being the catalyst! I'm so excited to see what juicy manifestations we all create as we step into our visions!" 

- Sherri M

“Danielle is a fantastic coach that has encouraged and empowered me during these past few months, giving me perspective to overcome my fears and trust in the vision that is unfolding. I have had numerous unreal opportunities that I definitely have to credit her for helping me see that I have everything in me to step up and reach my full potential now. I highly recommend Danielle as a guide to become your best with this trustworthy gem of a woman!”  

- Abigail J  

"I cannot recommend this program enough! Even though my day-to-day life was jammed packed with scheduled obligations, I found the time to be present and join all the live calls. Not only did I find an inspirational community of powerful unique women, but I also found confidence to step fully into my unique gifts to share with the world! I looked forward to the weekly calls more than anything going on in my personal life. Participating in this group was hands down priceless! Thank you to all of the women involved, I love you all so much!"

- Chelsea M 

“I was guided in the earliest stages of my heart seeking venture with open arms and heart. The space that is provided for women is something I’ve never experienced before. It is safe, informational, and sacred.” 

- Tatiana Y

“Thanks, Danielle Blum for such an incredible space of sharing and connection. I’m pushing through all fear and taking massive inspired ACTION.” 

- Micole

Interested in joining our next WLP group? Apply below to join the waitlist:

Thank you for your interest in this program! We will hang onto your application for review and notify you by the end of the summer prior to our next program if you are accepted.

"Ladies, it's finally happening. I'm on the precipice of launching my new heart-driven, passion-fueled business. I'm nervous, like I kinda want to throw up nervous, but am doing it anyway. Excited to share the official launch with you all next week. This wouldn't have happened without the support from this program and community."

- Jenn W

Questions? Email Ally at hivewomen@hive.org