Reimagining Capitalism - Hive


With Prof. Rebecca Henderson of Harvard Business School

Biography: Rebecca Henderson is the John and Natty McArthur University Professor at Harvard University, where she has a joint appointment at the Harvard Business School in the General Management and Strategy units. Professor Henderson is also a research fellow at the National Bureau of Economic Research. Her work explores how organizations respond to large-scale technological shifts, most recently in regard to energy and the environment. She teaches Reimagining Capitalism in the MBA Program. Professor Henderson sits on the boards of Amgen and of IDEXX Laboratories, and she has worked with both members of the Fortune 100 and small, technology-orientated start-ups. She received an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from MIT and a doctorate in business economics from Harvard.

About the Interview

In this video, Hive Chairman and CEO Ryan Allis interviews Professor Rebecca Henderson on the topic of Reimagining Capitalism. Ryan was a student of Prof. Henderson's in 2016 at HBS. They discuss the research showing a link between company performance and purpose, what's good about capitalism and why it works relatively well, what needs to change about capitalism to create an world that works for everyone, the Reimagining Capitalism MBA course at Harvard Business School, environmental degradation and Co2 output and how to address it, and advice for rising global leaders.