What is Hive?

At Hive, we're on an ambitious mission to create the global community for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

Hive members are changing the world, solving humanity's greatest challenges, making a difference in their local communities, and are committed to personal transformation. We're working together on creating a world in which everyone has the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Our flagship annual event, the Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit is a 3.5 day immersive program on purpose-driven entrepreneurship, authentic leadership, personal growth, the future, and wellness held each August near Silicon Valley, California.

Since 2014, we've hosted 30 major Hive events in the USA, Germany, Canada, Romania, Nigeria, Ghana, Mexico, India, and Pakistan. We now have chapters in 17 global cities and growing.

Hive members become part of a lifelong community of purpose-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders working together on creating a better world while supporting each other in their personal and professional growth. Over 3,200 leaders from 130 countries are part of the Hive community globally. Hive helps entrepreneurs transform their lives by transforming the people in their lives -- though global events, local gatherings, and digital experiences.

Through the Hive Entrepreneur Network, we are building a global community of purpose-driven entrepreneurs with $1M+ in annual sales or capital raised. Through Hive Digital, we offer digital marketing services that helps our member firms grow their purpose-driven companies. 

The Hive Social Network

The Hive Social Network is available to Hive members and alumni, and makes it easy to stay in touch with your community wherever you go around the world. Whether you're in London or Lagos, the Hive community of leaders is with you. 

The Hive Social Network includes these features:

  • Searchable Hive alumni and member directory
  • Map of alumni and members
  • Travel check-ins
  • Jobs board
  • Company directory
  • Map of upcoming events
  • In-app messaging
  • Interviews with inspiring leaders
  • Profiles with Needs & Gives, purpose statements
  • Courses on leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Web, iPhone, and Android app

Hive Global Leaders Summit

Every August, we host our flagship event, the 3.5 day Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) -- a transformational experience designed to enable entrepreneurs to become the best version of themselves. Our venue is 1440 Multiversity near Silicon Valley, California. Top speakers in the fields of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, scaling, investing, personal development, wellness, technology, and global impact come to the Hive GES. Hive members and invited guests have access to join us each year for this retreat in that will accelerate your life and leadership and leave you with life-long allies. 

What Hive Members Have Access To

Hive membership dues are $500 per year. We price the Hive membership at a cost to enable as many purpose-driven entrepreneurs as possible to become part of the community. This annual contribution allows the Hive community to fund its operations and serve its members. We also have a community called the Hive Entrepreneur Network that is $10,000 per year for entrepreneurs with $1M+ in annual sales capital raised. Hive members receive access to:







Who's Part of the Hive Community?

Hive is a community of leaders committed to social good, following their purpose, and supporting each other throughout life. Globally, the average age of a Hive member is 35. Here's a few examples of the types of people in the Hive community today. 

  • Award-winning social entrepreneurs
  • CEOs of $300M technology companies
  • Harvard Business School professors
  • Stanford neuroscientists
  • Rwandan genocide-survivors turned public speakers
  • Digital nomadic travelers
  • Renewable energy investors
  • Leading artists and creatives
  • Sudanese refugees turned scientist entrepreneurs
  • Inspiring musicians
  • World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders
  • New York Times Bestselling Authors
  • CEOs of top NGO's
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 winners
  • INC 500 CEOs
  • Chinese venture capitalists
  • And many more entrepreneurs working to create a better world

How Do You Know You’re One of Us?

Hive is committed to being an inclusive community that is globally and socioeconomically diverse--and for entrepreneurs at all stages. Wherever you are in your business, if you care about the world and the people around you, you’re one of us. You don’t need to be a famous entrepreneur. You just need to be a founder committed to making a positive difference in the world. 

How Hive Was Created

Hive was created in San Francisco, California with the first Hive event held at the Change.org offices in January 2014. Today, Hive operates as a Benefit Corporation and community with volunteers in the United States, Nigeria, Germany, India, Ghana, Canada, Mexico, Romania, The Philippines, and Pakistan.

The Hive community was created to educate and connect entrepreneurs who are making a big positive impact in the world--and create an environment in which these entrepreneurs can support one another throughout their lives and careers. Hive's programming has been built for mission-driven entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating a future that is radically better than the present.

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