Frequently Asked Questions - Hive



What is Hive?

Hive is a global membership community of entrepreneurs who are committed to creating a better world. We operate both the Hive Global Entrepreneur Community (GEC) for purpose-driven entrepreneurs at all stages and the Hive Entrepreneur Network (HEN) for experienced purpose-driven entrepreneurs with $1m+ in annual sales or capital raised.

What is the Hive mission?

Hive's mission is to "advance entrepreneurs through community." We are working on creating an active community of entrepreneurs working together on creating a better world and supporting each other in their lives and careers in each major global city.

Why was Hive created?

The Hive community was founded in 2014 in order to deepen authentic community among entrepreneurs and leaders who are deeply passionate about creating a better world and communities and wanted to support each other throughout the journey. We hope to create a world filled with emotionally open and heart-centered entrepreneurs and leaders -- who support each other in building their companies.

Can I become a Hive Member?

Yes, any entrepreneur who is committed to creating a better world can become a Hive member. You can apply to become a member here.

What are the Annual Dues to Be a Hive Member?

The membership dues to be part of Hive are $500 per year. You can apply here

Who comes to the Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES?)

Hive hosts extraordinary global entrepreneurs every August for a transformative 3-day event called the Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit. So far, we’ve convened over 3,200 entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs, and investors from over 130 countries around the globe and have received over 50,000 applications from 200 countries. We are specifically looking for entrepreneurs who are committed to making a big impact in the world. Over 50% of attendees are from outside the United States. By intentional design, 50% of Hive attendees are female and 50% are male. Regardless of their backgrounds, what each attendee has in common is a shared passion for creating a better world.

Is Hive for me?

Hive is for you if you are an ambitious entrepreneur who is deeply committed to service and to making a positive impact in the world. We have designed Hive to make you a better entrepreneur who achieves more through your work. At Hive, you will learn from our transformational leadership curriculum, be inspired and moved by founders like you, build your network across sectors, and reflect on your deeper purpose. You’ll have the opportunity to gain clarity on your biggest desires and goals, and you’ll learn tools and habits that will help you lead an impactful life personally and professionally. Hive gives you a lifelong network of purpose-driven entrepreneurs who will help you achieve your vision.

At each Hive there are entrepreneurs from many fields including renewable energy, battery storage, community co-living, education, public aid, blockchain, software, marketing, wellness, and many more.  We strive for our programs to be as diverse as possible across gender, race, socioeconomic status, and geography. 

Is there an age minimum or maximum? What is the average age?

We are bringing together extraordinary leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the world. In past programs the average age has been around 35. However, participants so far have ranged from age 15-83. We welcome mission-driven entrepreneurs ages 15 and above to apply

What happens at Hive?

Hive enables high-impact entrepreneurs like you to discover and clarify your purpose through three-day summits and retreats around the world. 

Once you have clarity on your purpose (your personal mission for the next phase of your life), we help you create a detailed execution plan to achieve your purpose and your goals. What we specialize in is helping CEOs and founders discover their purpose and then join or build teams to create solutions to humanity's most pressing challenges in fields like renewable energy, global education, basic needs access, mindfulness and wellness, water, the environment, peace and conflict resolution, refugee settlement, leadership coaching, technology, engineering, design, healthcare, biotechnology, finance, government 2.0, AI, robotics and many more. At the end of Hive, you'll leave with a framed life plan, clear direction, and a community of changemakers in your city and around the world that has your back for life. 

How many people attend each Hive Global Leaders Program?

Hive grew from 32 attendees in January 2014 to 325 attendees in August 2019. Our annual Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit (GES) usually has around 300-400 attendees and our Hive Entrepreneur Network retreats are around 50-150 people.

What is your refund policy for event tickets?

Hive allows transfers from one scheduled event to another event of the same program content (i.e. a global leaders program can be swapped with another global leaders program) provided that the attendee provide Hive Global with 14 days notice and that event has availability. We do not currently allow for refunds for any registrations as we invest those funds in advance to produce and execute each event. If inclement weather prevents an attendee from attending an event do to travel disruption, an attendee may work with Hive Global to transfer their registration to another event. However, Hive is not responsible for any associated costs (hotel, etc.) that the registrant may have incurred as a result of their registration with a program.

How is Hive structured as an organization?

We are a for-benefit social enterprise (Delaware Benefit Corporation), a new type of legal entity that was created in 2014 to allow a company to pursue social impact goals above profits. 

What is Hive's Long Term Vision?

Our vision is a loving, present, and sustainable world in which all people can pursue their dreams. We are here to develop emotionally connected, heart-centered, and present entrepreneurs and in so doing help accelerate the evolution of human consciousness. We wish to deepen the interconnection among entrepreneurs who care in every major city in the world. We are convening and connecting the leaders who will re-imagine the 21st century. We are pragmatic optimists who believe the future is bright, with many challenges to overcome to get there. We see building Hive as a small part in helping to usher in a world that works for everyone and everything. We’re just 6 years into our plan, and we’re excited to have you join us.