Thank You

Thank you for registering for the Hive Global Leaders Program!

We are excited to bring you world-class leadership training and welcome you into a lifelong global community of leaders working together on creating a better world.

We will connect you with an inspiring community of leaders from all over the world and help you gain clarity on your purpose, and create an action plan for your future.

As you prepare for the event, please take some time alone to reflect on your purpose and why you believe you’re here on this planet at this time.

Ask yourself: What might be your calling for the next phase of your life? Are you part of a mission that inspires you? Are you on your authentic path? What major contribution do you want to leave behind that will outlive you? (And if you don’t have answers to these questions, that’s okay too — we’ll help you with that!)

You will receive an email with all logistics details a few weeks prior to the event.

See you soon!
The Hive Team
San Francisco