Hive April 2016 Logistics

Thank you for being part of the April 2016 Hive Global Leaders Program!

We are excited about your commitment to creating a better world, and look forward to meeting you soon!

The Hive Global Leaders Program will officially begin on Friday April 15th at 7:30 PM in the The Harvard Faculty Club. Doors will open at 7 PM. We will be holding a reception at Noir Bar (inside the Charles Hotel) on Friday April 15th from 5:30 PM to 7 PM. We encourage you to attend this reception, however it is not mandatory.

The main venue for Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend is The Harvard Innovation Lab (Batten Hall, 125 Western Ave, Boston, MA 02134).

Ryan Allis will be leading a Walking Tour of the Harvard campus for all Hive participants on Friday, April 15th from 3-5pm. If you are interested to join, please meet at the front door of the Harvard Innovation Lab (Batten Hall).

Please bring government-issued photo identification (or a copy) for security reasons, and plan your transportation to ensure that you will arrive promptly at 7:00pm on Friday evening.

The Hive Global Leaders Program will conclude at 7:00PM on Monday, February 15th, after a brief reception with Hive Alumni from past programs.

Hive Schedule:
Because we have designed Hive as an immersive experience, we do not provide a detailed agenda to attendees. We hope that this way participants can be more present within each moment of the program. Our days will begin and end at the following times:

Friday, April 15th: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday, April 16th: 9:00am – 10:00pm
Sunday, April 17th: 9:00am – 11:00pm
Monday, April 18th: 9:00am – 7:00pm

Your attendance is expected at all sessions and essential to the Hive program due to its interactive and immersive nature and work sessions within small peer groups. Please let us know as soon as possible ( if you will have any issues with attending any part of the program.

Hive Venue:
The Harvard Innovation Lab
Batten Hall
125 Western Ave
Boston, MA 02134

Hive Hotel Partner:
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston – Cambridge
400 Soldiers Field Rd, Boston, MA 02134


What to Bring?
Your amazing self! Also: Boston’s weather is unpredictable in April. We may see sun, rain, or anything in between. Please wear multiple layers of clothing to allow for a spectrum of 35-60°F weather. We will be moving throughout each day (gentle yoga, meditation, walking outside) and encourage you to wear whatever makes you comfortable — from a suit to yoga pants! There is no dress code — come as you are.

Hive Bios:
We are compiling your bios so that you can get to know your fellow Hive Global Leaders before arriving. We’re also seeking participants who wish to share some of your story or expertise during Hive. Please submit this information no later than April 1st.

Hive Headshots & Intro Video:
We request you to upload 1 headshot photo and a short, 15-second intro video. Please upload this media before April 1st as well. 

Hive Release Form:
All attendees are required to read and sign this release form before participating in Hive.

Photography & Video:
Please note that we will be photographing and filming the event for use on our website and to document each session. You may take your own photos and videos however we encourage you to minimize the use of your phone during the sessions in order to be fully present.

Social Media:

We encourage you to start connecting with your peers via the April 2016 Hive Facebook Group. Click on the link and request to be to added to our Facebook group.

We encourage you to follow Hive on social media and post about the event during breaks and meals. Follow Hive on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Before, during, and after Hive, you can use the hashtag #HiveLeaders to share about your experience.