Slide Decks

  • The full 500 slide presentation from the January 17-20, 2014 program at the offices in San Francisco. Download here.
  • Dave Kashen on building an awesome company culture. Download here.

Videos from Past Hives

Building Your Team Culture – Dave Kashen

Mindfulness – Rich Fernandez 

The Future of Technology – Aaron Frank

Creating a Sustainable World in Our Lifetime

Keynote at the United Nations for the Nexus Global Youth Summit – July 2013

Bringing Silicon Valley Innovation to Washington D.C.

Keynote at the NextGen Government Summit in Washington D.C. – July 2013


The Innovation Age

A 245 slide presentation on the past, present, and future of humanity and how well our species has actually done in the last 200 years on key measures like life expectancy, infant mortality, per capita income, and poverty reduction and the great generational opportunity of creating a sustainable world in which every human has access to basic human needs. Used in December 2012 TEDx Beacon Street talk. > Download PDF.

The Innovation Age - Ryan Allis


All I’ve Learned By 28

An 832 slide presentation on what I’ve learned about life, business, and the world. Created in the Summer of 2012. Download ZIP file of PDFs.

All I've Learned By 28