May 19-21, 2023

The global community of purpose-driven leaders.

A Hive weekend designed to maximize personal growth 

through Hive's Designing Your Life curriculum proven to help you

rediscover your life purpose and plans over the next 3-5 years. 

All this while surrounded by a supportive network of

purpose-driven leaders. 

A weekend that will change your life.

Upgrade your life in two days. Come see how. 

What You'll Experience

Clarify Your Purpose & Plans for Living Authentically

At Hive, we help you re-discover your purpose for living. We help you get clear on why you’re actually on this planet. We help you get clear on what you’re here to create and to contribute to. We help you listen to that beautiful voice inside of you that is wanting to come out and be expressed in the world. We help you re-find your own spark, in community.

Across the world, people use many different words to refer to purpose. Words like dharma, mission, calling, raison d'être. But globally -- everyone wants to know, especially after the last two years, why are we here?

At Hive, we guide you through a life design process, asking you questions like:

  • What do you truly love doing?
  • What do you want to be directing your life energy toward?
  • What is the meaning of your unique life?
  • What are you going to be part of that is bigger than yourself?
  • What are you going to leave behind when you depart?

At the end of this two day process you have a new life plan and purpose for the next part of your life -- and a group of aligned people who are here to help you achieve it.

About Hive Raleigh 

We’ll host the event in Raleigh, the state capital of North Carolina.  The venue is a beautiful outdoor facility in one of the most attractive cities in the United States. 

We’ll come together for two and a half days of inspiration, community, and personal clarity to reignite your spirit, to make lifelong connections, and get clear on our purpose plans for the next phase of our lives.

Register today before we fill up. It's recommended to pass this along to your friends or partners. There’s nothing better than doing this in community with a group of your friends.


  • Fridaystarts at 6PM with a shared bring your own dinner meet and greet until 7:30. At 7:30 sharp we will kick off to the Hive event until 9pm.

  • Saturday: a full day from 10AM until 6PM committed to self discovery curriculum and exercises as you build out your life planning work books.

  • Sunday: is the last day focused on refining your purpose statement, finalizing your one page life plan, and preparing to take action as you go back home. 
  • Optional ongoing group coaching sessions after the weekend for more support as you work your plan. 

Your attendance Friday is essential and starts your experience on the right path. Your investment will create a life changing moment for yourself and those ready to be positively impacted by the next phase of your life. 

Please prioritize your schedule and accommodations to ensure you are fully present the entire weekend. It is a life changing experience you want to enjoy!


Hive Raleigh is facilitated by Jayson Humphrey with support from Ryan Allis (Hive Founder) and amazing Hive Alumni serving as Group Leaders. Our role as a team is to create the right environment to support you as you are guided through a journey to rediscover yourself, your life purpose, and your 3-5 year plan to make it come to life.

Jayson Humphrey

Hive Raleigh Facilitator

Jayson has a beautifully diverse family intentionally formed through marriage, birth and adoption. They also care for a wild golden retriever, a tamed rabbit, free range chickens, a pond with uncountable fish and frogs, and trees to climb and play in. His purpose is to delight in being and becoming our fullest most alive selves and he lives this out a senior director in the marketplace software industry and by finding ways to connect the community of families to experience more delight through play in the great outdoors. Follow Jayson online at LinkedIn and Instagram.

Hive Raleigh

The venue offers private natural serenity, surrounded by calming streams and ponds, mature manicured forests, a fun mini obstacle-course, walking trails by the water, and the ever-delightful (optional) Urban Forest Yurts highly recommended for your overnight accommodations.

Hive Raleigh January 2023

Meet Hive Group Leaders

Every Hive has alumni who come back to volunteer -- guiding new Members through the process of self-discovery and Designing Your Life. Here are the recent Group Leaders from 2022.

Kemah Washington

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Natalia Cortes


Winkie Laforce

Chapel hill North Carolina, USA

Eric Rabuse

North Carolina, USA

Craig Mathews

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Raven Rado West

New mexiCo, USA



Who is this for?

Hive Raleigh is for leaders between 18 and 80 who want to live a life of meaning and purpose. Through our two and a half day process, we help leaders like you gain more clarity on why they are alive and how they want to use the next phase of their life. You leave with a framed life plan, a clear purpose statement, and a community for ongoing support. 


When will the program run?

The event will run from 6pm to 9pm Friday and 10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday. We will have a lunch break from 1-2pm each day.


When should I fly in?

We recommend flying in early on Friday in time for the meet and greet at 6pm. 

The program finishes 6pm on Sunday with an optional dinner after, so we recommend flying out on Monday.


Where should I stay?

Local room share options on AirBnB.

Nurture Nature Village is offering yurts on site for this event.
Hotels in Downtown Raleigh on Downtown Raleigh Alliance