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AUG 12-15, 2021


If you're a Hive alum or Hive member, see your email for the link to purchase tickets


Six, years ago, we had a dream to build the global community for leaders and entrepreneurs. Today, after hosting 30 major events and hundreds of gatherings, Hive has grown and the dream is becoming real.

Today,  Hive has over 3,200 alumni and members in 130 countries and chapters in 17 cities globally. 

Every year, we call the global Hive community together for a big annual event focused on leadership, entrepreneurship, purpose, and connection. We welcome Hive alumni (those who have come before) as well as new first-time attendees. 

We have rented out 1440 Multiversity, a beautiful retreat center in Silicon Valley just 30 minutes from San Jose, California -- for three days and nights of living and learning together.

We bring the best of leadership training, personal growth, authentic relating, and meaningful community connection to CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators who are building the future and working on creating a better humanity.

The theme for 2021 is "Achieving Your Purpose."

The gathering is focused on helping attendees get clear on why they are alive and create a clear action plan for achieving their dreams--while building lifelong bonds with leaders from around the world.

Inspiring leaders and Hive alumni from the first 30 Hive Global Leaders Programs, Hive Africa, Hive Europe, Hive Pakistan, Hive Canada, and Hive India plus new Hive attendees will be in attendance for our third annual summit.

If you are a leader who is committed to creating a better world, you are invited to join us this August 12-15, 2021. 

In 2018 we had 250 leaders from 52 countries attend

In 2019 we had 300 leaders from 57 countries attend



Below are last year's speakers and workshop presenters.

Marianne Williamson, Candidate for President of the United States

Scott Kriens, Former CEO of Juniper Networks, Founder of 1440 Multiversity

Ashanti Branch, Executive Director of The EverForward Club & Taking Off The Mask

Bo Shao, Chairman of the Evolve Foundation

Joshua Freedman, Author, CEO of Six Seconds

Phnam Bagley, Founder at Nonfiction Design

Okendo Lewis Gayle, Founder of Harambeans

Patricia Nzolantima, CEO of Ubizcabs, "The Uber of Congo"

Jessica Encell Coleman, The Magic of Human Connection

Julia Grace, CEO of The Wave Silent Disco & ALMA

Lindsay Alive, CEO of Alive + Awake

Nicole Boyar, Founder of Rare Species

Julie Archambault, Founder of CoCreativeSex, Author

Virginia Salas Kastilio, Founder of I Trust You

Smiley Poswolsky, Author of The Breakthrough Speaker

Grace Osula, CEO of Hive Africa

Adam Rosendahl, CEO of LATE NITE ART

Dr. Mark Goulston M.D., Author of “Just Listen”

Ryel Kestano, Authentic Relating Training (ART) International

Julie Sharma, Co-Founder of Meditation.LIVE

Vanessa Petronelli, International Spiritual Teacher & Speaker

CK Lin, CEO of NobleWarrior

Victoria Davis, CEO of Wellspring Co, Meditation Teacher 

Gladys Agwai, CEO of Ignite Within

Diana Paschal, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach

Mona De Frawi, CEO of RadiVision, "Discovering Your Inner DaVinci"

Joshua Gao, SAFE, Young Innovator

Donna Vincent Roa, Ph.D., Author of "The Value of Water"

Yarixa Ferrao CEO of Unleash

Gabriel Padva, CEO of RevenueAccelerator

Hannah Marie Muse, CEO of Muse International

Teddy Warria, Partner at Africa's Talking

Rebecca Rogers, Pachamama Alliance

Anthony Russo, CEO of Double Down Strategy

Damiana, Love Guide, Creator of Sensual Awakening Experience

Jenna Lee Prince, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Mantra Chanting Singer

Mona Motwani, Co-Founder of Spark, Human rights lawyer

Sydney Campos, Author of The Empath Experience

Beth Hall, Founder of Architect Your Life

Ryan Rogers, Film & Event Producer

Eugene Hedlund, CEO of The School of Tribal Tantra

Jaimi Jansen, CEO of Santa Cruz CORE

Tayo Bamiduro, Co-Founder of & Harambean

Marcus McNeill, CEO of Magic 

Petra Hu, Founder of Ethos Experiences

Chris Dugan, Zumba Instructor

Leslie Rogers, Co-Founder of The Light Dark Institute

Tani Thole, Co-Founder of The Light Dark Institute

Melissa Jones, Co-Founder of Marque Media


Below are last year's performers.

Rae Irelan, Music

Brent Weiss, Sound Healing

David Kim, Violinist

Emily Howe, Sound Healing

Seth Felix, Game Producer for The Go Game


This year's host committee includes Ryan Allis, Mike Sherbakov, Carla Taylor, Ryan Rogers, and Danielle Blum

Ryan Allis, CEO of Hive

Carla Taylor, CEO of Bring Your Brilliance

Mike Sherbakov, CEO of Greatness Foundation, Emcee

Danielle Blum, CEO of Hive Women



Inspiring purpose-driven CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, philanthropists, artists, investors, and social entrepreneurs from over 50 countries are coming including leaders from:

Afghanistan, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Burundi, Cameroon, Canada, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Germany, Ghana, Haiti, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, United Kingdom, the United States and many more.

  • Abdi Rashid Ali, CEO & Founder, Original General Electric Group, Somalia
  • Abdinasir Ali, Director, Beso General Trading Co, Kenya
  • Adnan Safdar, CEO, Anfal Academy, Pakistan
  • Adriana Gascoigne, CEO & Founder, Girls in Tech
  • Ahmed Omar, CEO, Core Training And Consulting, Egypt
  • Alex De Santiago, CEO & Founder, Ignixon, Mexico
  • Angela Tennison, Founder, The Leaders Coaching Institute, United States
  • Angelica F. White, Founder & CEO, Zippyar, United States
  • Anthony Pererage Saman Daminda Perera, Managing Director, Rasoda Dairies (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka
  • Anthony Russo, CEO of Double Down Strategy
  • Azeez Musibau Isola, CEO, De-Larenik Limited, Nigeria
  • Bienvenu Kwizera, Co-Founder, Global Hope Net, Singapore 
  • Buddy Boe, President, Invictus Solutions, Invictus Properties, United States
  • Caroline Bailey, CEO, Premier Growth, United States
  • Chibuikem Agbaegbu, Founder & CEO, Beckaphyll Renewable Energy Limited, United States
  • Chris Colvin, General Manager, Properties Partners Llc, United States
  • Comfort Asare, CEO, Azorkem Medicals, United States
  • Daniel Asare-Kyei, Chief Executive Officer, Esoko, Ghana
  • Debon Mwisa, Civil Affairs Officer, United Nations, Democratic Republic Of The Congo
  • Dorothy Sagwe, Founder, Let's Talk Money, United States
  • Elias Ntakirutimana, Lecturer and Coach, Université Sagesse d'Afrique, Burundi
  • Elisa Chiu, CEO, Anchor Venture Partners | Anchor Taiwan, United States
  • Gabe Krebs, Founder, Biographee, 
  • Gail Gannon, Founder & CEO, Ensanté, United States
  • Gary Kayye, Founder And Creative Director, The Rave Agency, United States
  • Gissel Garcia, Founder, Roots Of A Feather // Hasta La Raíz, United States
  • Guaili Sosa, Managing Director, Reof Capital Llc, United States
  • Hameedat Balogun, Founder, Hamedah Poverty Relief Foundation, United States
  • Henry Nnoli, CEO & Co-Founder, Cyberlenz Inc, Canada
  • Inoussa Aoudi, Founder And CEO, One Digital Solutions, Cameroon
  • Iresha Goonesinghe, CEO, Compassionate Doctors, United States
  • Jaimi Jansen, Founder & CEO, Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab, United States
  • James Redenbaugh, Founder, Montaia, United States
  • Jason Williams, Owner, Spycomps, United States
  • Jay Patel, Co-Founder & President, Enlight Institute, United States
  • Jean Luc Kalambayi, Director, Fiondo Congoaffaire, South Africa
  • Jessica Therkelsen, Consultant, Nonprofit Leadership & Human Rights Consultant, United States
  • Jimmy Kwoba, Owner of Para Suites, Uganda
  • Jordi Vidiella, CEO, Opportumeety, Spain
  • Judith Attipoe, Manager, Equity Saving And Loan, Ghana
  • Kelsey Graves-Schuwer, Intuitive Coach, Healer, & CEO, Food.Love.Yourself, The Netherlands
  • Kiki Choda, Founder, Newmediaghost, United Kingdom
  • Kenneth Allan Owani, Executive Director, Global Support Development Initiative (Gdi-Uganda), Uganda
  • Lennart Hennig, Founder, The Druid, Germany
  • Marc Castro, CEO, Datalyse Group Ltd, United Kingdom
  • Michael Gehron, Senior Adviser, U.S Department Of State, United States
  • Mike Ellison, Executive Vice President, Santa Cruz Core Fitness + Rehab, United States
  • Mike Hoffman, Co-Founder And Co-Farmer, Heartstorm Farmstead, United States
  • Moza Issa Al-Ishaq, Qatar Fund For Development, Qatar
  • Nathalie Van Den Homberg, CEO, Own Your Space, Netherlands
  • Nick Tarascio, CEO, Ventura Air Services, United States
  • Nicole Medina, Master Certified Trainer/Coach, Mindvalley, United States
  • Oladimeji Adekanbi, MD/CEO, Payrent Global Services Ltd., Nigeria
  • Olatokunbo Osenib, Principal Medical Officer, University Of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Omar Dibba, CEO/Founder, Wallymang Solitions, Turkey
  • Opeto Tonny, CEO/Founder, Golbal Operations Trust Limited/Woman For Woman Africa, Uganda
  • Paula Cabalen, CEO And Life & Business Strategist, Consultophy, Argentina
  • Ray Kallmeyer, CEO, Enklu, United States
  • Richmond Barbinton Mensah, CEO, Menrichbar Company Limited, United States
  • Robert Gierke, Founder, Purenessity, Germany
  • Rodrigo Iprince, Software Engineer, LeanPlum, United States
  • Roshan Lewis, Director, Twiser Management Co, Bahrain
  • Ryan Allis, CEO, Hive, United States
  • Saad Mushtaq Awan, Managing Partner/CEO, Sardae Exports Co, Pakistan
  • Sanath Priyantha Vidanagamage, Founder/CEO, Institute Of Growth Concepts, Sri Lanka
  • Sandra Weimar, Co- Founder, WeAreAllConnected, Germany
  • Sheevaun Moran, President, Energy Mastery, United States
  • Shiraz Latiff, Founder / Chief Executive, Hummingbird International (Pvt) Limited, Sri Lanka
  • Smiley Poswolsky, Author, The Breakthrough Speaker, United States
  • Syed Aamir Abbas, CEO & Managing Director, Intellexal Solutions Private Limited, Pakistan
  • Tara Devi Gurung, Deputy Director, Nepal Red Cross Society, Nepal
  • Tin Yin Lam, Cofounder, Nex Team Inc, United States
  • Tuyizere Elyse, CEO, Wideshop Ltd, Rwanda
  • Vincent Mwaja, Founder, One Love, Tanzania
  • Vinay Toomu, CEO, Head Of Business Development, CommerceCX, United States
  • Wesley Mahler, CEO, Be Extraordinary Inc, United States



The below schedule is representative based on last year.

  • AUG 13 - FRIDAY
  • AUG 15 - SUNDAY

12:00pm - Optional Lunch at 1440 Multiversity ($20)

2:00pm - Check-in and Registration (The Lodge)

3:00pm - Venue Tour (The Lodge)

4:30pm - Opening Session (Redwood)     

Small Group Meetup
Mike Sherbakov & Nathalie Van Den Homberg - Emcees
Dave Kim, Violinist & Rae Irelan, Musician
Ryan Allis, Hive Chairman - Welcome to Hive & Where We're From
Morgan Carson, Hive Community Architect, Hive's Values
Hive Community Leader Award 2019
How Hive Africa Was Started - Grace Osula

6:30pm - Dinner (Kitchen Table)

7:30pm - Crucible Stories in Small Groups (Kitchen Table)

8:30pm - Silent Disco with Julia Grace - 150 person capacity (Sanctuary)

8:30pm - Rae Irelan: An Interactive and Transformational Performance show with Live Music and Dance (Redwood)

9:30pm - Sound Healing with Brent Weiss (Sanctuary)

10:00pm - Hot Tub Hangout - Healing Arts Center

11:00pm - End of Day


These were the Volunteer Group Leaders who came to support the group in 2019. We will be announcing our 2020 Group Leaders in the Spring.

Adel Salah, Yemen
Ahmed Fahmy, Egypt
Alejandro De Santiago, Mexico
Altaira Hatton, United States
Angelica White, United States
Bruce Chen, United States
Chris Colvin, United States
Dibyesh Giri, Nepal
Elisa Chiu, United States
Farzana Brownia, Bangladesh
G. Antonio Sosa-Pascual, Puerto Rico
Grace Osula, Nigeria
Henry Bao, Vietnam
Iresha Goonesinghe, United States
Jaimi Jansen, United States
Jason Williams, United States
Jaspuneet Kaur Mohie, United States
Jay Patel, United States
Jean Luc Kalambayi, South Africa
Jeffrey Martín, United States
Jenny Chisom, Opara Nigeria

Jessica Therkelsen, United States
Jordi Vidiella, Spain
Kate Callan, United States
Lennart Hennig, Germany
Leslie Gregory, United States
Mark Courtney, United States
Melissa Mukaiwa, Namibia
Michael Hoffman, United States
Mike Ellison, United States
Nadine Zaytoun, United States
Nicole Medina Pavloff, United States
Noemi Vegh, United States
Ozan Sonmez, Turkey
Paula Cabalen, Argentina
Philip Lam, United States
Robert Gierke, Germany
Roshan Lewis, Bahrain
Shahid Ali, Pakistan
Shiraz Latiff, Sri Lanka
Steven Richer, Spain
Virginia Campo, Panama



What Type of Event is This?
The Hive Global Leader Summit (GLS) is an annual gathering for leaders and entrepreneurs who are working on making a positive impact in humanity. It is being hosted at the beautiful 1440 Multiversity Retreat Center in Scotts Valley, California.

Ticket Cost
The cost to attend is $1250. If you book your ticket early, you will receive a discount. Earlier registrants receive the lowest prices as those early funds are most helpful to the organization in preparing for the event.

Before Dec 31, 2019 - $500
Jan 2020 - $550
Feb 2020 - $650
March 2020 - $750
April 2020 - $850
May 2020 - $950
June 2020 - $1050
July 2020 - $1150
August 2020 - $1250

Does Hive offer refunds on tickets?
No. Hive does not offer refunds on tickets in any circumstances (except U.S. visa denials). However you may exchange your ticket with another person or receive a credit toward a future Hive event as long as you request it at least two weeks prior to the event. 

Lodging Cost
Lodging at 1440 Multiversity costs between $210 and $525 per night depending on room type. Lodging includes three meals per day. All lodging is on-site at the retreat center. After purchasing your ticket, you can book your hotel room with the link provided on the confirmation page. You can also book nights before or after the program if you'd like to enjoy an added rejuvenating time in the redwoods. The cost of lodging is not included in the price of a ticket. All attendees must either stay on-site or purchase a 1440 Multiversity Commuter Pass upon arrival for $150 per day, which covers the cost of meals.

Staying for the Weekend
If you wish to extend your trip and have time for additional relaxation, you may wish to extend your trip to include the weekend of August 14-16, 2020. Hive team members and many Hive community members will be staying on site through August 16, 2020 -- so this will be a good time for informal connection. 

Event Venue: 1440 Multiversity, 800 Bethany Dr, Scotts Valley, CA 95066  

Room Types (prices all inclusive, includes meals)
Pods - $210/night
Shared Room - $235/night
Private Room - $290/night
Shared Deluxe Room - $330/night
Private Deluxe Room - $440/night
Suite with Fireplace - $525/night

These rates are per person, per night and include three farm-to-table meals made with care by the executive chef, Kenny Woods. The above prices do not include taxes. For shared rooms, you will be assigned to stay with a person of the same gender, unless you request a specific roommate by calling 1440 Multiversity. 

All meals are included in the cost of lodging. They are served on-site at Kitchen Table, an award-winning restaurant that sources, prepares, and serves a full menu including local and organic vegetables, organic and local rice, grains, legumes, lightly seasoned local chicken, fish, and tofu. If you stay offsite you'll need to purchase a Commuter Pass for $105 per day from 1440 Multiversity to have access to campus facilities and meals.

Campus Amenities
Additional campus amenities include the Healing Arts infinity soaking tub, ping pong, the fitness room, daily meditation, yoga, tai chi, qigong classes, and miles of redwood hiking trails. 

We recommend flying in the San Jose International Airport (26 miles away) or the San Francisco International Airport (61 miles away). It is a 35 minute Uber or Lyft ride to the 1440 Multiversity retreat center from the San Jose airport. We recommend taking an Uber or Lyft, which are about $40 each way from San Jose Airport. If you have a car, on-site parking is available at 1440 Multiversity at no added cost. 

When to Arrive
Please arrange your flights and transportation so that you can be onsite at 1440 Multiversity between 12pm and 3pm on Monday August 10, 2020. There is an optional lunch for $25 from 12pm to 1pm. The program will begin promptly at 3pm Thursday. Should you wish to come a day early (on August 9, 2019) to ensure you are on time for the start of the program you may. Simply book an extra night at 1440 Multiversity beforehand.

When to Depart
Program graduation ends at 3:30pm on Thursday August 13, 2019. Please do not book any flights prior to 6:00pm on Thursday August 13, 2019. Should you wish to stay an extra night (or for the weekend) at 1440 Multiversity to relax, reflect, and connect with others from the group, you may. Simply book extra nights when you reserve your hotel room.

Can Hive provide a visa invitation letter?
For those coming from outside of the United States, we can provide a visa invitation letter upon request to any registered attendee. You must first be a registered attendee and purchase your ticket prior to requesting a visa invitation letter. If your visa is denied and you cannot legally enter the United States, you may receive either a credit for a future year or a refund of your ticket.

Where do I apply?
Apply here

Where do I purchase tickets?
You must apply first before you can purchase a ticket, unless you are a Hive alum or Hive member. If you already a Hive alum or member, check your email for the link to register.


If you have any questions about attending the Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit, please email Hive Director of Sales Mike Gavela at

Mike Gavela, Director of Sales