Global Collaboration and Support for Female Founders

"What a special experience! More than ever we can see that connecting is the best way to find better answers to our daily concerns.”  

- Paola Bragagnolo Pereira

Join high-level female entrepreneurs from around the world in this transformative online mastermind group for female founders. This is a highly curated group of women coming together for support, feedback, and collaboration. This mastermind is held online and brings together female entrepreneurs for mutual support and global connection.

The Female Founders Mastermind Allows You To:

  • Be motivated by inspiring female leaders
  • Receive accountability
  • Share challenges and get feedback from female founders
  • Build a network of high-level like-minded women changing the world
  • Feel held and uplifted as you grow your venture
  • Build a global network
  • Get support with self-care and mindset 
  • Discuss topics around intution and vision

Who the Female Founders Mastermind is for:

  • Women actively running and leading companies
  • Women who desire a community of inspiring women business owners to share ideas with 


A mastermind is when multiple minds come together to support each other with feedback. This is especially powerful because you will gain insights beyond what you could do alone.

Be surrounded by game-changing women and utilize the power and wisdom of the Hive mind.


  • Dates: Starts Wednesday, May 23, 2018
  • Virtual Online Mastermind Group
  • Every other Wednesday from 10:00am - 12:00pm PST / 1pm-3pm EST / 5-7pm GMT)
  • 2-hour zoom meeting/ bi-monthly calls
  • Calls will begin with inspiring and nourishing check-ins
  • Facilitated mastermind process where each woman gets to receive and give feedback on presented challenges
  • Pricing: $197/month for a 4-month mastermind group
  • We offer a 14-day money back guarantee/after your first session. Refunds will not be available 14 days after your first session.



Danielle Blum is the Facilitator for Hive's Women's Leadership Program as well as the Facilitator for Hive's Female Founders Mastermind, where she supports the collaboration of female leaders making a positive change.  

 She has built her own company called World Nativ. WN is a global community of entrepreneurs and leaders connecting minds and sharing knowledge. The WN platform is an ecosystem that supports leaders through business and personal development training led by leading experts. WN has had thousands of entrepreneurs move through their network, and have curated hundreds of experiences for personal and professional growth. 

Danielle is passionate about helping individuals find their purpose and then turning their purpose into projects that uplift humanity.

She has traveled the world and lived in various countries including Spain, Thailand, and Cambodia.  


“Thanks, Danielle Blum for such an incredible space of sharing and connection. I’m pushing through all fear and taking massive inspired ACTION.” 

- Micole Noble

"Danielle, I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts! After every interaction with Danielle I left feeling so inspired and energized."

- Mya Nguyen

"Anything Danielle Blum does I want to be a part of! Amazing work with the entrepreneurial community!"

- Danielle Mckinney

"It's pretty incredible what you're doing. I think the energy in the room and the support I felt from the women I met was really amazing. It motivated me to get moving on things."

- Ava Pendl

Join us!

Questions? Email Ally at hivewomen@hive.org