Female Founders >> 3 Free Tickets to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat

Female Founders: Enter to Win A Free Ticket to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat

So far there are 100 CEOs and founders from 21 countries coming to the first-ever Hive Entrepreneur Retreat March 22-25 at 1440 Multiversity in the redwood-covered hills of Scotts Valley, CA near Silicon Valley.

This week, we are giving away three free tickets to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat to female founders. Any woman who is a founder, CEO, or actively running a business or non-profit organization is eligible to win. We will be drawing the winners on Monday afternoon March 5. 

Enter the sweepstakes here for a chance to win one of the three free tickets. We will also be passing on a coupon for a discounted ticket to all entrants. Please pass this post on to any female founders you would like to nominate to win or to any networks of female entrepreneurs.

Blog Post: CEOs from 18 Countries Coming to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat

CEOs & Founders from 18 Countries Coming to the Hive Entrepreneur Retreat March 22-25

We’re excited to share that so far there are 58 CEOs and founders from 18 countries coming to the first-ever Hive Entrepreneur Retreat March 22-25 at 1440 Multiversity in the redwood-covered hills of Scotts Valley, CA.

We’ll be spending three-days going deep with each other on how to make a bigger positive impact in the world, use business as a force for good, and how to grow our companies.

The full attendee list is below. Discounted tickets are available until Saturday, February 10 at 11:59pm PT.

We are also in the early stages of planning the first-ever Hive Global Leaders Summit to be held this August 16-19, 2018 also at 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA. We’ll be in touch with more information about this event next month.

Who’s Coming: The Attendee List So Far

CEOs and founders from the following 18 countries are registered to attend the retreat so far:

Afghanistan, Austria, Bolivia, Cameroon, Canada, Denmark, England, France, Ghana, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, United States, Uganda, and many more to come.

Registered attendees to date include:

  • Alejandro De Santiago, Founder and CEO, Ignixion, Mexico 
  • Alejandro Lopez Hernandez, CEO, Ulfix S.C., Mexico 
  • Ana Tavares Founder, Wmnhood, Canada 
  • Ankit Shah, Managing Director, Dopamine, United States 
  • Bibian Mbei Dighambong, CEO, Bihndumlem, Cameroon
  • Catherine Lindroth, Founder, Social Contract, United States 
  • Chimezie Emewulu, Managing Director, Seamfix Ltd., Nigeria 
  • Chiraz Bensemmane, Owner & founder, Pitch World Fast, France 
  • Chris Rauton, Founder / CEO, American Development Group, Mexico 
  • Cody Candee, CEO / Co-founder, Bounce, Inc., United States 
  • Dalton Lilley Founder, CEO Taurus 56, United States 
  • Erika Wichro, Founder & CEO, Peacebuilding & Partners, Austria 
  • Fazel Rabi Aryobee, CEO, City Wall Dubai International Group, Afghanistan
  • Ian Mcwalter, CEO & Co-Founder, Hale, United States 
  • Ibrahim Wuntah, Group CEO, Wi Tech Group Ltd, Ghana 
  • James Ingallinera, CEO, Tribe, United States 
  • Javier A. Galindo, O. CEO, Grupo Mazahua, Mexico 
  • Jean de Dieu Benda, CEO, Bharti Airtel Rwanda, Rwanda
  • Jennifer Kushell, CEO, YSN, United States 
  • Jennifer Sherman, Founder and Chief Strategist, The Influencer Collective, United States 
  • Jessica Cameron, Co-Founder, The Refugee Lab
  • John Ntonta Managing Director, Kadiwaku Family Foundation, United States 
  • Jonathan Defoy, Founder & CEO, FoodHero, Canada 
  • Jordi Vidiella Amposta, CEO, Opportumeety, Spain
  • Joshua Kaston, President Clearwater Merchant Corp, United States 
  • Katamba Ronald, CEO / Founder, Jaguza Tech Ltd, Uganda 
  • Keerthi Kodithuwakku, Co-Founder & CEO, Effective Solutions (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka 
  • Kwiri Yang, Founder/ CEO, LifeGyde, United States 
  • Laurel Mintz, CEO and Founder, Elevate My Brand, United States 
  • Lourdes Berho, President and Chief Catalyst, Alchemia, Mexico 
  • Marc Castro, Director Spanacom Ltd, United Kingdom 
  • Margaret Burns, Owner, The Medicine Woman Way, United States 
  • Marwan Aljahani, Managing Partner, ShiftIn Partners, Saudi Arabia 
  • Masheal Bin Saedan, CEO, Al Saedan, Saudi Arabia 
  • Matthew Taylor, President, Fiber House Berkeley, United States 
  • Megan O’Rorke, CEO, AI Collective, United States 
  • Meghan Wallace, Founder, Social Contract, United States 
  • Ngu Denis, CEO and Founder, Denis Brown General Trading, South Africa & Cameroon 
  • Nicole Gresham Perry, CEO PhotoBall, United States 
  • Olajide George, CEO, Georola Projects Limited, United States 
  • Osaro Abusomwan, Chief Innovation Officer/MD, Tyro Greens Investment Ltd, Nigeria 
  • Oscar Francisco Gonzalez Valadez, CIO, Ulfix, S.C., Mexico 
  • Oluyemi Abaolu-Johnson, CEO, BVS Professional Services
  • Ray Kallmeyer, CEO, CreateAR, United States 
  • Richmond Barbinton Mensah, CEO, Menrichbar Company Ltd., United States 
  • Robert De Liefde, Managing Director / Co-owner, InsideRisk, United States 
  • Sereme Maphaka, CEO, Methano Group, South, Africa 
  • Sissel Hansen, CEO & Founder, Startup Guide, Denmark 
  • Stephanie Jhala, Founder, All The Mama Feels, Canada 
  • Steven Richer, Founder, Nice Human & Escape Table, United States 
  • Taye Awofiranye, Partner, The Trusted Advisors, United States 
  • Tiana Laurence, CEO, Laurence Ventures, United States 
  • Tina Choi, Founder and CEO, TRAvonDe, United States 
  • Tricia Teague, CEO, Founder Plethora Publishing, Inc. United States 
  • Marcus McNeill, Presenter, Advanced Facebook Strategies, United States 
  • Julia Allison, Presenter, Advanced Publicity Strategies, United States 
  • Ryan Allis, CEO & Chairman, Hive, United States 
  • Danielle Blum, CEO, WorldNativ, United States 
  • Tom Chi, CEO, Prototype Thinking, United States 

We hope you can join us!

Hive News – Jan 2018

The Hive Newsletter for January 2018 was just published and can be read here.

In this issue, we talk about:

Thanks for being part of building the global community for leaders!

See more on the Hive Blog.

Hive Entrepreneur Retreat – March 22-25, 2018

We’re planning the first ever Hive Entrepreneur Retreat March 22-25, 2018 in Silicon Valley just for CEOs and founders of companies with $0 to $10M in annual sales who are serious about getting results and growing their companies.

It will be held at 1440 Multiversity in the redwood-covered hills between San Jose and Santa Cruz, CA.

We’ll cover topics including:

  • digital marketing
  • customer acquisition
  • Facebook advertising
  • building a sales team
  • raising venture capital
  • unit economics
  • authentic leadership
  • rapid prototyping
  • product development
  • software tools
  • company culture
  • business strategy
  • recruiting your team
  • building systems

If you are a CEO or founder of a company who is serious about growing in 2018, join us. You leave the three-days with a strategic plan for your company and a global network of CEOs and founders who are there for you as you grow your company.

You can learn more here. Early bird tickets are on sale until January 31

The Venue – 1440 Multiversity in Scotts Valley, CA

Hive Community News – Dec 2017

The Hive Community Newsletter for December 2017 was just published and can be read here.

In this issue, we talk about:

  • Hive Los Angeles Recap
  • 2018 Hive Official Schedule

    • Hive Entrepreneur Retreat – Mar 22-25, 2018
    • Hive Africa – May 2-5, 2018
    • Hive Costa Rica – June 14-17, 2018
    • Hive Europe – Jun 21-24, 2018
    • Hive Asia – July 6-9, 2018
    • Hive Mexico – Sep 27-30, 2018
  • Hive Coaching 
  • How to Host Your Own Hive
  • Alumni Announcements

Thanks for being part of building the global community for leaders!

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Hive Community News – November 2017

The Hive Community Newsletter for November 2017 was just published and can be read here.

In this issue, we talk about:

  • Hive Africa Recap
  • Hive Los Angeles
  • Hive Costa Rica
  • Hive Coaching Launch
  • How to Host Your Own Hive
  • Alumni Announcements

Thanks for being part of building the global community for leaders working on creating a better world!

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Who’s Coming to Hive Los Angeles?

Hive Los Angeles is just 35 days away.

We are excited to announce the list of initial attendees for the upcoming Hive Global Leaders Program in Los Angeles this December 8-11, 2017 to be held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

CEOs, leaders, founders, investors, and innovators representing over 38 countries are coming for three days of world-class leadership training, life coaching, and collaboration on solving humanity’s greatest challenges. 

Who’s Coming to Hive Los Angeles

Attendees so far for the Hive Global Leaders Program this December include:

  • Leaders from Facebook, Google, Headspace, Tata, First Bank, Veritas, Etisalat, Powur, Red Films, Stanford, and Duke University;
  • CEOs from Promise Energy, Mobilize, Blokable, Grupo Ideação, Beckaphyll Renewable Energy, Royal TKO Media, Care Indeed, Grupo Mazahua, Inversiones Rambla, CodeZone, Ulfix, Livingtex, Lurich Logistics, Sixt Nepal, Subysols Nigeria, The Collaboratory, Caltrex Petrol Gujrat, Humble Design, Blank Slate Advisors, Artisan and Fox, Hopeful Horizons, and Tariq Traders;
  • NGO Leaders from the United Nations, United Nations Development Program, World Vision, Avsi Foundation Uganda, the Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative, Technovation Montréal, Leaders in Peace, Global Autism Project, Right to Health, The Entrepreneurship Academy, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, the Thailand Institute for Next Generations, the NYC Department of Education, the Somali Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Emergency Medicine Foundation, and the Horn of Africa Strategic Initiatives;
  • Global Leaders from 38 countries including Afghanistan, Argentina, Spain, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Cameroon, Canada, China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ecuador, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, India, Mali, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Singapore, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, Yemen, and Zambia.

Applications for this round are being accepted until Wednesday, November 15 at 9pm PDT. You can watch the Hive overview video and apply here. Thank you for helping us spread the word about Hive to your networks of mission-driven leaders and entrepreneurs.

Hive alumni now include 1600 leaders and entrepreneurs from 120 countries who are working together on creating a better world and solving humanity’s greatest challenges. If you are a mission-driven leader, please apply to join us in Los Angeles at www.www.hive.org before the November 15 deadline.