We Help Founders Grow Their Wealth, Transform Their Lives and Build Their Legacy

Hive Impact is a transformational business mastermind, lifestyle concierge and exclusive global community of founders and CEOs with $1M to $100M in annual sales  


A Global Collective of Founders with $1M+ In Sales

Hive Impact is a transformational business mastermind and exclusive community for purpose-driven CEOs with $1M+ in annual sales or capital raised. As a member you become part of an active family of CEOs who are using their lives to build companies that matter in the world.

Who's Eligible to Join?

Hive Impact is a collective of purpose-driven entrepreneurs. Any Founder or CEO is welcome to apply to join who is:

  • At $1M or more in annual sales or capital raised
  • Actively building a business that makes a positive difference
  • Willing to contribute to the network and the growth of their peers 
  • Committed to personal growth and becoming a better version of themselves



Hive Impact Is A Diverse Community Of Global CEOs and Founders

Hive Impact is a global community of purpose-driven CEOs committed to supporting each other in growing their companies and becoming better versions of themselves. You can use the map and directory in the Hive Impact app to find your network wherever you go in the world. 

What Do Members Receive?

Here's what Hive Impact members receive:

  • Weekly mastermind calls on Zoom led by Master Coaches Ryan Allis and Faith Reed  
  • Quarterly in-person mastermind events in rotating epic locations like California, Switzerland, Singapore, and Australia
  • Annual members-only Hive CEO Summit in California 
  • VIP Private Access Voxer/Whatsapp Coaching with Ryan Allis and Faith Reed
  • Online directory with a map and social network of all members worldwide 
  • Members-only Slack Channel
  • Private members-only Facebook group
  • A 12 month curriculum designed to skyrocket the sales of yor business and accelerate your purpose in life
  • Access to all of our courses on entrepreneurship and personal development
  • Life purpose one-page plan creation
  • Company culture audit Zoom call for your business
  • Annual bucket list transformational experiences and travel adventures in places like Bali, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Patagonia, Tanzania, and Ecuador
  • Private VIP Lifestyle Concierge and Travel Access  

The Hive CEO Summit

Every October, we invite Hive Impact members to come together in-person in California for the three-day Hive CEO Summit. 

Top speakers in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, wellness, and global impact come to the Hive CEO Summit along with leaders of companies from all over the world. 

As an Hive Impact Member, you have access to join us each year for this summit in California that will accelerate all areas of your life, and leave you with life-long allies. We at Hive HQ put a lot of time and care into crafting an extraordinary experience for you and have been told by many that it’s a life changing retreat.

Monthly Masterclass with Hive Impact Members

Once per month, the Hive Impact community meets for a Masterclass with a renowned expert in business and personal development, allowing you to learn from and be supported by thought-leaders and world-class mentors.

Hive Zoom Calls

Members Video Libary

We've built up a large library of videos and courses on every aspect of entrepreneurship from digital marketing, scaling, recruiting, design thinking, legal issues, intellectual property, company culture, building model design, and much more. We also have built up a library of resources on personal growth and development for CEOs.

Uptribe Video Library

Hive Impact Founders

Hive Impact members join weekly members-only calls with founders Ryan Allis and Faith Reed and have direct Voxer/WhatsApp access to both of them. Learn more about them below.

Ryan Allis, CEO of Hive

Ryan is the Chairman of Hive. His purpose on this planet is to build a global community of leaders and entrepreneurs committed to creating a better world. He was was CEO and co-founder of iContact from 2003-2012 and led the company from 300 employees, 70,000 customers, and $50M in annual sales and a sale for $170M to Vocus (NASDAQ: VOCS). His companies have done over $400M in sales since 2003. Ryan is an Emeritus Member of the UN Foundation Global Entrepreneur Council and served as National Co-Chairperson of Technology for Obama during the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election. Ryan is the author of the entrepreneurship book Zero to One Million. Ryan enjoys helping leaders discover their purpose in life and traveling to Hive events around the world. He attended UNC-Chapel Hill and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School where he was Co-President of the HBS Social Enterprise Club and a fellow of the Harvard Graduate School Leadership Institute. 

Faith Reed, Head of Hive Impact 

Faith's passion for people, connection and growth has been the central theme of everything she's done for the past decade. She believes that when we are truly able to connect intimately with ourselves, others and the world around us, we live more fulfilling lives, build more sustainable businesses and achieve higher rates of success and satisfaction. She is passionate about the development of human consciousness, and is a firm believer in the power of a network of individuals in changing and shaping our world. She is excited by people, the pursuit of excellence, and the power of the human spirit, and her focus in life is always on building relationships, sharing wisdom, and bringing people together for the purpose of fostering growth, sparking innovation and having fun. If she's not out an event, you can find her at a whiteboard fleshing out new ideas, at home with her family, or half way up a mountain somewhere, enjoying the adventure of life. Faith grew up in South Africa and has lived in Kenya, England, and the United States. 

Hive Impact's Partners & Friends

What's The Cost To Join?

Membership in Hive Impact is $60k per year ($15k per quarter). The membership fee includes access to the masterminds, retreats, social network, live chats, directory, digital content -- and tickets to our annual CEO Summit each year in Silicon Valley, California.