The Hive Social Network

Hive is the global community for entrepreneurs. As a member you’re part of something bigger than any of us individually. Together, we are stronger as we support each other in building our businesses.

Our web app and mobile apps for Android and iPhone allow you to connect with your tribe wherever you go. Use the Hive directory to find the members you need to reach in your professional field and to meet up with as you travel. 

Whether you're in New York, London or Lagos, the Hive global community of entrepreneurs is with you. Transform your life by finding the entrepreneurs and investors you need for your company to thrive. 

About the Hive Founder

Hive was founded and is led by Ryan Allis. Ryan co-founded iContact at age 18 in 2002. He led iContact as CEO to 70,000 customers, 300 employess, and $50 million per year in sales. 

In 2012, at age 27, he sold iContact for $169 million to a publicly traded company called Vocus. He then completed an MBA at Harvard Business School and in 2014, he founded Hive in San Francisco to bring together a global community of entrepreneurs and leaders. 

Ryan is a 3-time INC 500 CEO, winner of the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Carolinas, and was named by INC Magazine's list of 30 Under 30 in 2010. Ryan was President of the Carolina Entrepreneurship Club at UNC-Chapel Hill and Co-President of the Harvard Social Enterprise Club in graduate school. Ryan publishes daily content for our members.

A Lifelong Community of Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Hive Members are from 130 countries around the world--and every major city. Half of our members are in the United States, the rest are from all over the planet and from every industry. You can use the map in the Hive Member app to 'find your tribe' where you go in the world. Our intention is for Hive to be a lifelong network in which CEOs, entrepreneurs, founders, investors, and innovators connect and support each other. 


Hive Chapters in Your City

As a Hive member, you can join the local Hive Chapter in your city and deeply connect with other inspiring leaders and entrepreneurs in your area who are using their lives to make a positive impact in society. The purpose of a Hive Chapter is to deepen bonds among members and provide a forum for you to grow personally and professionally. 

If the chapter in your area doesn't yet exist, you can co-found it. We support chapter leaders with resources and a network to powerfully grow the in-person Hive network. We believe in-person connection is where the magic is.

Hive Chapters

Daily Members-Only Content 

Hive publishes daily members-only content on entrepreneurship on topics such as digital marketing, sales growth, raising capital, mental health, wellness, tech, culture, recruiting, operations, and scaling. 

We deliver this content to you via email, our WhatsApp group, our members-only Facebook group, and our social network. 

Hive - Entrepreneur Community

Member-Only WhatsApp Groups

Hive curates and moderates active members-only WhatsApp groups for each major city in the world, for each major industry, and by topic.

For example, if you live in San Francisco and are in the blockchain industry and are interested in sales growth, you can connect with other members on these WhatsApp groups: Hive San Francisco, Hive Blockchain, and Hive Sales Growth

The Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit

Every August, we invite Hive members to come together in-person in Silicon Valley, California for the three-day Hive Global Entreprener Summit (GES). The next gathering is August 10-13, 2020.

Top speakers in the fields of leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, wellness, and global impact come to the Hive GLS. 

As a Hive Member, you have access to join us each year for this 3.5 day retreat in Silicon Valley, California that will accelerate all areas of your life, and leave you with life-long allies. We at Hive HQ put a lot of time and care into crafting an extraordinary experience for you and have been told by many that it’s a life changing weekend. 

Weekly Masterclasses & Monthly Masterminds

Each week, the Hive community meets for a Masterclass on a specific topic, such as entrepreneurship, team management, personal development, real estate, AI, blockchain, digital marketing, etc. 

We also do a monthly Mastermind designed to bring experienced entrepreneurs from a wide-range of industries together to help you deal with your biggest challenge in your life and help you grow your company. The mastermind is focused on creating the lives and world we’re all dreaming of - and supporting one another.  

You choose when and how often you’d like to attend. 

Hive Zoom Calls

A Diverse Global Community of Entrepreneurs

By design, Hive's community is 50% male and 50% female. We also have half of our members in the United States and half in 130 other countries around the world. We have created one of the largest and most diverse entrepreneurship communities in the world. 

Hive Zoom Calls

Hive Events Around the World

Every year the Hive community hosts Hive events in Silicon Valley, Mexico City, Berlin, New Delhi, Lahore, Lagos, Bucharest, and Montreal as well as frequent dinners in major cities. As a Hive member you're invited to all Hive events around the world. When you travel, you’re welcome to join the local chapter gatherings in that area. This is your community. Become a leader in it!

Hive Testimonial - Ben Rattray

The Global Community for Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs

Hive is a community of entrepreneurs committed to changing the world, following their purpose, and supporting each other throughout life. Globally, the average age of a Hive member is 35. Here are a few examples of the types of people in the Hive community today. 

  • Award-winning social entrepreneurs
  • CEOs of $500M technology companies
  • Olympic gold medalists
  • Harvard Business School professors
  • Stanford neuroscientists turned entreprenurs
  • Rwandan genocide-survivors turned public speakers
  • Digital nomad travelers
  • Renewable energy investors
  • Leading artists and creatives
  • Sudanese refugees turned scientist inventors
  • World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders
  • New York Times Bestselling Authors
  • Forbes 30 Under 30 winners
  • INC 500 CEOs
  • Chinese venture capitalists
  • Founders with 9-figure exits ($100M+)
  • Venture-backed CEOs
  • Y-Combinator, 500 Startups, and Techstars graduates
  • Sustainable real estate developers
  • And many more extraordinary entrepreneurs working to create a better world.

How do you know whether you’re one of us? Wherever you are in your business, if you care about the world and the people around you, you’re one of us. You just need to be an entrepreneur committed to making a positive difference in the world.  

Aaron Frank - Hive

"Hive is a group of entrepreneurs who are taking a lot of the technologies we talk about at Singularity University and using them to do something incredible to make a positive influence in the world."  

- Aaron Frank, Singularity University

Hive - Hudak

"I joined Hive because I needed to create some space in my life to really think about how I can make the biggest impact in the world. Hive is a great place to do that reflection."  

- Schuyler Hudak, Founder of Cor

Hive - Rich Fernandez

"For people that really want to be change agents, who really want to have a positive impact in the world, Hive is an indispensable foundation."  

- Rich Fernandez, Wisdom Labs

Hive - Andrew Mangino

"Hive is an extraordinary and magical experience. The Hive team is Disney-esque in its obsession with both the vision and the details of Hive events."  

- Andrew Mangino, CEO of The Future Project

Hive - Michael Simmons

"As a columnist at Forbes, I’ve had a lot of opportunity to think about relationships. One of the things that I appreciate most is being in a space like Hive where you can really connect with entrepreneurs on a human level."  

- Michael Simmons, Forbes Columnist

Hive - Rhea Mehta

"Hive is a place where entrepreneurs can feel comfortable enough to be their authentic selves. That’s something that’s very rare, especially in our stressful day-to-day lives. When we step into a leadership role it’s important to have a community like this to support us." - Rhea Mehta, Entrepreneur

Hive - Brenton Gieser

"There’s been so many amazing things at Hive, from the content about tech and where our world’s going, to discussing indicators of human progress, but when it comes down to it, it's the people that make Hive special."  

Brenton Gieser Co-Founder of Be Social Change

"I’ve been really blown away by the other people that I’ve met through Hive. I’ve already made contacts that I know are going to support me and my work when I get back to New York." - Lauren Burke, Atlas:DIY

Hive's Partners & Friends


Hive is the global community for entrepreneurs. Hive was created in 2014 in San Francisco, Calfornia and today has over 3,200 members in 125 countries. Hive hosts the annual Hive Global Entrepreneur Summit in Silicon Valley, California as well as Hive Africa, Hive Europe, Hive Mexico, Hive Canada, Hive Pakistan, and Hive India. As a Hive Member you'll have a tribe of purpose-driven entrepreneurs ready to support you on creating and scaling your business. Join Hive below.